Basic B&W Darkroom Book

Basic B&W Darkroom Book

Basic B&W Darkroom Book

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Author: Nadler, Bob
ISBN: 9780817429386
THE BASIC B&W DARKROOM BOOK by Bob Nadler provides everything you will ever need to know about getting started in the the black-and-white darkroom.

THE BASIC B&W DARKROOM BOOK was designed to show as well as tell you everything you need to know to develop film, print contact sheets, and make both straight and manipulated enlargements. It contains 360 clear, easy-to understand photographs that illustrate each and every step you will take, from the time you remove an exposed roll of film from your camera to the time you have beautiful enlarged prints ready to be mounted and hung on the wall.

The photographic illustrations in this book take the place of running text. This picture-with-caption style is used throughout, and because the language used in the captions is simple, clear, and straightforward, the book is suitable for beginning darkroom workers of any age or background, for individual use, or for application as a classroom textbook.

THE BASIC B&W DARKROOM BOOK completely illustrates:

* The materials you will need to get started. What is essential to buy-film, chemicals, tanks, reels, and every one of the little bits and, pieces needed to develop film, make contact sheets, and print beautiful enlargements.
* How to get your film from its cartridge to the reel it will be developed on; including instructions for one device that does the job automatically.
* How to develop film without ever turning off the lights.
* How to buy and mix chemicals: Which to keep and which to discard after use. How to know when to get rid of used-up chemicals.
* How to make a contact sheet properly. How to read and evaluate one. How to use your contact sheets to determine exposures and contrast before making enlargements.
* How to use an enlarger, how it works, what to do with the controls, how to load and unload it, focus it, regulate its exposure.
* How to deal with exposure changes when varying the print size, or contrast. How you can get any contrast grade from a single package of paper. How to burn-in and dodge, and much, much more.

Title: Basic B&W Darkroom Book

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Pubns

Publication Date: 1978

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:Good

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Basic B&W Darkroom Book MOBI Kindle

Great and Thanks for the update
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Basic B&W Darkroom Book PDF

Thanks for sharing and the license. +5repped.
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Basic B&W Darkroom Book Read

Nice share buddy!
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Basic B&W Darkroom Book PDF Kindle

Cool bro! Thanks for the updates!
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