The First Destroyers

The First Destroyers

The First Destroyers

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Author: Lyon, David.
ISBN: 9781557502711
The Torpedo Boat Destroyers (TBDs) of the 1890s--the first destroyers--were among the most glamorous naval vessels ever built. With their remarkable speed, their connotations of David and Gliath, and their initial deployment against the Royal Navy?s traditional enemy, the
French, they caught the public imagination, while the command of one was coveted by all young naval officers. Drawing on Admiralty documents and plans, the author has compiled a brilliant collection of
data on the early development of these vessels up to the River class of 1900. He also looks at the German response and the development in the US, particularly the Bainbridge class with its distinct raised forecastle.
With its superb plans and drawings and entirely original research, this book is an essential reference for all naval historians, enthusiast and modelmakers with an interest in the development of one of the twentieth century?s most exciting warships.

Title: The First Destroyers

Publisher: Naval Institute Press

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:As New

Dust Jacket Condition: As New

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