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Author: Glen Rapoza
ISBN: 9781592990221
There is a kingdom where pure imagination brushes against reality, a dark twilight zone, full of beauty and death, that chafes the outer limits of human understanding. It is a realm where future and past collide with such irresistible force that new knowledge becomes void and old dreams dare turn to flesh. But where can such a mystical place be found? There is no geography that can bind such a land, no roads to touch her gates or maps to mark her borders. To go there one must forsake the traditional tools of the traveler and rely instead upon the inner compass of the mind. Thus chronicled within these pages is the true account of one mans chartless journey, a perilous course pursued by a sojourner who chose to tread the distant path of dreams and traverse a vast wondrous land called ILLANTHEAN.

Title: Illanthean

Publisher: Franklin Street Books

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Illanthean Ebook PDF

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Illanthean EPUB

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Illanthean Ebook PDF

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Illanthean Ebook

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Illanthean Ebook PDF

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