The Truth About Tongues

The Truth About Tongues

The Truth About Tongues

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Author: Smith, Tony
ISBN: 9780974229751
FROM THE PUBLISHER: God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33). Yet mass confusion exists in the body of Christ today about speaking in tongues and the baptism with the Holy Spirit. This revolutionary book will help you to discover what the Bible says regarding one of the most controversial doctrines that divides the Christian church. The Truth About Tongues will also clear up any serious misconceptions you may have about the Holy Spirit and tongues, and should eliminate any hindrances which have kept you in the dark about these subjects. You will Learn: -The Doctrine of Baptisms -Are tongues part of the Baptism? -Why is the doctrine of speaking in tongues so controversial? -Do you really need to speak in tongues to receive the Holy Spirit? -How to actually receive the Holy Spirit -How to understand the difference between received, filled, and baptized. -How to overcome common hindrances to being Baptized with the Spirit

Title: The Truth About Tongues

Publisher: Impact Communications, Harrisburg, PA

Publication Date: 2005

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition:Very Good

Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket

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The Truth About Tongues PDF Kindle

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The Truth About Tongues Kindle

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The Truth About Tongues Ebook PDF

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The Truth About Tongues Kindle

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