Firefly: A Novel of Suspense

Firefly: A Novel of Suspense

Firefly: A Novel of Suspense

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Ebook Details:

Author: Michelle A. Cornelson
ISBN: 9781462054886
Someone is burning Baltimore. At night, sirens shriek through the air as red light blazes in the night sky. Businesses and houses are burning. Theres a madman on the loose, and its not just about the fire-hes getting pretty fond of killing, too. There arent any leads, but there is a terrible media frenzy that gives this monster the nickname "Firefly." Dr. McKayla MacDonald doesnt want to see her beautiful city burned to the ground, but she also doesnt want to get involved with the investigation. As a successful psychologist, shes happy to assist the county fire department as a counselor. She has no idea that her decision to be a Good Samaritan has brought her to the attention of the last person she wants knowing her name and address. Firefly is on her tail, and McKayla suspects he may have been from the beginning. Using her extensive knowledge of the human psyche, the good doctor might be able to point authorities to their arsonist. Yet as the city burns, Firefly comes closer. Is he crazy enough to end up on McKaylas doorstep with fire in hand? She must solve the case before her family becomes his target. " Firefly is a riveting and intriguing novel that is aglow with sparks, suspense and mystique. Cornelson is an accomplished and gifted writer who keeps the reader captivated from the very first page." -Shirley Erickson, MS, Sixth-Year Certificate in Reading Education

Title: Firefly: A Novel of Suspense


Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Hardcover

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense EPUB

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense Ebook MOBI

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense PDF

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense PDF Kindle

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense Ebook EPUB

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense Ebook MOBI

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Firefly: A Novel of Suspense PDF Online

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