The Warlord's Son

The Warlord's Son

The Warlord's Son

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Author: Fesperman, Dan
ISBN: 9780375414732

His last novel, The Small Boat of Great Sorrows, was hailed as ?a relentlessly crackling mystery and adventure tale? ( The Baltimore Sun) and ?a new standard for war-based thrillers? ( Los Angeles Times). In this electrifying new thriller, Dan Fesperman takes us to present-day Afghanistan?the global capital of death long before it became a battleground for America?where the fates of an American journalist and a Pakistani translator become dangerously intertwined with the fortunes of warlords, spies, and dubious corporate interests.

A burned-out war correspondent hoping for a last hurrah in Afghanistan, Skelly arrives on the Afghan border just as American bombs begin falling on the ruling Taliban. Seeking the scoop of a lifetime as witness to the capture of ?the biggest fish of them all,? he links up with an exiled warlord?s quixotic expedition. Guiding Skelly?s way is Najeeb, a tribal Pakistani with his own objective?U.S. visas for his girlfriend and himself, promised by Pakistani intelligence if he acts as an informant.

A harrowing crossing into Afghanistan is only the beginning of trouble for the two men. Their journey quickly escalates into a race for their lives as they are pulled into a vortex of intrigue, betrayal, and violence. Finally, only their loyalty to each other holds out the possibility of survival for either of them.

Fast-paced, timely, and galvanizing from first to last.

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The Warlord's Son Read

Wow! Max reps for an amazing share...thank you so much!
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The Warlord's Son PDF

looking forward to seeing this :)
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The Warlord's Son EPUB

Can You use to upload?
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The Warlord's Son Ebook DOCX

Great share mate. Reps given. Thx
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