Yours Faithfully

Yours Faithfully

Yours Faithfully

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Author: Davies, Philip R. (EDT)
ISBN: 9781904768319
Yours Faithfully is an anthology of virtual letters from the Bible, in which leading biblical scholars have composed imagined correspondence between characters from scripture. This collection is meant not only to entertain, but also to convey the insights that each author has into the world and the discourse of the Bible and its cast, and it is written for anyone who enjoys reading and studying the Bible and enjoys exploring its unspoken words through an informed imagination. These letters range between a strictly historical mode and a contemporary idiom, and embrace the serious and the playful. But in every case the aim is to offer a commentary on familiar texts and events by filling in some of the gaps that are left, and both build upon and expand a long tradition of retelling the Bible

Title: Yours Faithfully

Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: 2005

Binding: HRD

Book Condition:New

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