The Ex-Club Tong Pang

The Ex-Club Tong Pang

The Ex-Club Tong Pang

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Author: No_Author
ISBN: 9781606190616
The Ex-Club Tong Pang, a "comic suspense" story, is set in 1980s Los Angeles, and follows the adventures of retail worker and part-time playwright Hannelore Herald, whose thwarted attempt to check out the Korean nightclub down the street from her apartment leads to a meeting with an attractive but unreliable man who claims to be investigating a baby-buying ring. Hannelores efforts to retain her job at a Venice Beach boutique and continue rehearsing her latest play are complicated by her inadvertent involvement with Korean gangsters, a blind former "fixer" and, of course, the mysterious Alec.

Title: The Ex-Club Tong Pang

Book Condition:Good

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The Ex-Club Tong Pang PDF

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The Ex-Club Tong Pang Ebook PDF

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