Awake, Awake

Awake, Awake

Awake, Awake

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Author: Chipi Daza
ISBN: 9781456841744
What if the world has already turned? What if one crisis just follows the other until real chaos becomes the order of the day, until--- .What if you and your circle of friends are the only ones who don?t know this, and therefore don?t take time to go through the crash course that this book offers?
This book might rob you of a night?s sleep, but it will spare you an enduring nightmare. It will help you turn your perspective the right side up. You will quickly see that it?s 23:59 and you will in no time learn how to communicate with the powers that matter, and learn and teach how to keep sanity in the midst of insanity.

Title: Awake, Awake

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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