Matthias Weischer: The Garden

Matthias Weischer: The Garden

Matthias Weischer: The Garden

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Author: Wolfgang Holler, Matthias Weischer
ISBN: 9783775720427
The works that have brought Leipzig painter Matthias Weischer international recognition depict interiors--often sparsely furnished and unpopulated rooms--in which decorative elements and tweaked perspectives unsettle our perceptions of space and skew the viewers capacity to orient. Weischers drawings represent a second and stylistically quite independent strand of his work, being more crudely executed and less exacting in their surfaces. The genres do overlap at times: occasionally the drawings will pick up on ideas previously realized in paintings or will allude to visual elements that can later be traced in the painted works. This first catalogue of Weischers drawings is presented in a generous, oversized publication, the apparently disorganized feel of which lends the volume the intimacy and rough energy of an artists sketchbook. Born 1973 in Rheine, Germany, Weischer is often grouped with Neo Rauch as one of the most important painters of the New Leipzig School.

Title: Matthias Weischer: The Garden

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Binding: Soft cover

Book Condition:Used - Like New

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