Mary Mito: Collages (Hardcover)

Mary Mito: Collages (Hardcover)

Mary Mito: Collages (Hardcover)

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Author: Arden Reed
ISBN: 9781934491492

In this collection of seventy-six collages, strange things happen. Rocks fall out of the sky, and people also. Enormous knives threaten unprotected flesh, and mouths stretch to the point of pain. But then these scenes of horror are punctuated by moments of surreal humor--like fishermen landing human brains or sportsmen catching them. On first viewing, such bizarre, often nightmarish scenes look worlds apart from Mitos "realistic" paintings and drawings. However, reflection reveals that her two bodies of work dont simply complement, they actually complete each other. To comprehend this singular artists accomplishment you need both. Taken together, Mitos work makes us see the strange in the familiar and recognize the familiar in what looks strange.

Title: Mary Mito: Collages (Hardcover)

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition:New

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