Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement

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Author: Wendy McWilliams
ISBN: 9780992300500
This is a must-have book for all Smes who want practical advice on public relations and other techniques to create low cost and effective Pr campaigns. The spark to write this book came after the public relations company I established in 1992, Wmc Public Relations, turned 20. It jolted me into thinking about everything that I had learnt since starting my Pr career and all my past experiences that are now woven into my professional makeup. I thought it was time to share what I know with small to medium sized enterprises so that they may be helped in establishing and growing their brand, that it engages their stakeholders and continues to shine. The book includes chapters from high profile business people who share their knowledge on subjects including sales, innovation, customer engagement, member relationship management, strategic alliances, social media and Seo.

Title: Brand Engagement

Publisher: WMC Public Relations Pty Limited

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:New

Book Type: Paperback

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Brand Engagement Ebook

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Brand Engagement Ebook EPUB

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