Big Stone Gap - A Novel

Big Stone Gap - A Novel

Big Stone Gap - A Novel

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Author: Adriana Trigiani
ISBN: 9780792799573

Big Stone Gap is a sleepy hamlet where kids get married and start families at eighteen, and stay for ever. So thirty-five-year old Ave Maria Mulligan is something of an oddity. A self-proclaimed spinster, as the local pharmacist shes been keeping the townsfolks secrets for years. Now Ave Maria is about to discover a scandal in her own familys past that will blow the lid right off her quiet, uneventful life. Soon shes juggling two unexpected marriage proposals and conducting a no-holds-barred family feud. The thought of spending the rest of her life in Big Stone Gap is suddenly overwhelming...With an unforgettable cast of characters and a heroine with an extraordinary story to tell, all living in this quirky, remarkable town where even Elizabeth Taylor pays a visit, BIG STONE GAP is a wonderfully vibrant, unashamedly feel-good debut.

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Big Stone Gap - A Novel EPUB

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Big Stone Gap - A Novel PDF Online

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Big Stone Gap - A Novel PDF

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