Chop, Chop, Mad Cap!

Chop, Chop, Mad Cap!

Chop, Chop, Mad Cap!

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Author: Saumande, Juliette
ISBN: 9781908195210
My name is Madgie M. Cappock, but you can call me Mad Cap. Im not mad and I dont wear a cap, but Im a superhero and who ever heard of a superhero called Madgie? Anyways, the new butcher, Mr Fitzmarcel, has disappeared and Norbert and me were going to investigate but now Norberts not talking to me any more (maybe because hes too busy rehearsing for the panto in his stupid bunny costume). Meanwhile, Ive got a job feeding an evil cat, mums been acting really weird and Mrs Mudrick across the road has been behaving veeeeery suspiciously. You could say Im in trouble. I could tell you its only going to get worse - The first instalment in an exciting new series about neighbourhood detective - we mean, superhero - Mad Cap, this is an adventure that fans of Judy Moody will love.

Title: Chop, Chop, Mad Cap!

Publisher: Little Island

Publication Date: 2012

Book Condition:Good

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Chop, Chop, Mad Cap! PDF Kindle

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