Something So Grand

Something So Grand

Something So Grand

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Author: Galli, Lynn
ISBN: 9781935611226
As a designer for the wealthy, Vivian Yeats doesnt have a lot of time for a relationship. Not the kind of relationships shes had in the past, anyway. Shes always settled for compatibility or common interests or misplaced enthusiasm when it comes to partners. Despite being her favorite subject in books and on screen, romance constantly eludes her.

For Natalie Harper, romance has never been on her radar. She prefers working hard at her construction job and doing good work to guide her through her days. When she meets Vivian, shes knocked off that focused path. They become successful colleagues and good friends. Could romance become the thing they do best together?

Title: Something So Grand

Publisher: Penikila Press, LLC

Book Condition:Acceptable

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Something So Grand EPUB

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