Go Kart Rush

Go Kart Rush

Go Kart Rush

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Author: Maddox, Jake
ISBN: 9781598894158
Tony is used to being the best. With his old kart, he won every single race. But now hes twelve, and hes moved up to the next class of racing, TAG karts. Sure, he gets to drive a cool new kart that goes faster than anything hes ever driven. But he has to race against kids three years older than him, who arent nice to him, and who have been driving TAG karts for years. How is Tony supposed to get used to losing? And when Jon, one of the older kids, invites him to practice, is Jon just setting Tony up for more embarrassment?

Title: Go Kart Rush


Publication Date: 2007

Binding: PAP

Book Condition:New

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Go Kart Rush Kindle

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