The Consequence

The Consequence

The Consequence

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Author: Antonio J. Soave
ISBN: 9780966523102
The Consequence is a story about Carlos Ramirez, a young soccer player born to Colombian immigrant parents in La Jolla, California. After proving his soccer prowess in both high school and college, Carlos decides to play pro ball in South America, despite his parents objections. Carlos moves to Cali, Colombia, where he quickly becomes a star with the team Deportivo Melino. He soon meets a beautiful woman, Lisa Menendez, who just happens to be married to Roberto Menendez, the owner of the team and a powerful Cali business magnate rumored to have strong ties to the local drug cartel. Despite the obvious dangers, Carlos and Lisa have a secret love affair. When Menendez finds out, everyones world is turned upside down. It is a romantic, action-packed story, filled with deceit, dishonor, intrigue and adventure.

Title: The Consequence

Publisher: Antonio J. Soave

Publication Date: 1998

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Book Condition:Collectible: Very Good

Edition: Signed

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