Multimedia Programming for Windows

Multimedia Programming for Windows

Multimedia Programming for Windows

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Author: Steve Rimmer
ISBN: 9780830645398
Multimedia is setting new interfacing standards - for the first time in the history of personal computers, applications can speak, sing, display broadcast-quality video and interact with users in real time through multiple media. However, in order to really harness the power of multimedia, a programming language is required rather than an authoring language. This book is designed to give programmers the tools they need to make the most of multimedia. It provides a hands-on workbook for C language multimedia programming under Windows. Written by the author of "Bit-Mapped Graphics", this book should provide Windows programmers instant access to the real world of multimedia. It has all the source code for working multimedia applications that will: play wave files; attach sounds to Windows events; access and play tracks from a compact disc; display video from a Windows-compatible laserdisc player; access Kodak photo-CD images; play complex MIDI music; control external MIDI devices. Complete source code for all the applications in "Multimedia Programming for Windows" - plus executable versions of the programs - are included on a companion CD. In addition, the disc holds almost 100 megabytes of wave files, MIDI scores, TrueType fonts and graphics. The process of creating the CD-ROM is also discussed in detail.

Title: Multimedia Programming for Windows

Publisher: Windcrest

Publication Date: 1994

Binding: Paperback

Book Condition:Good

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Multimedia Programming for Windows MOBI

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Multimedia Programming for Windows Ebook MOBI

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Multimedia Programming for Windows Ebook DOCX

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Multimedia Programming for Windows MOBI

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