Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only)

Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only)

Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only)

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Author: Newell, Charldean; Prindle, David F.; Riddlesperger, James
ISBN: 9781285861159
TEXAS POLITICS: IDEAL AND REALITY critically compares Texas government and politics to the concepts of democratic theory by raising three main themes: democratic ideals, conservatism, and conflict. Lively presentation of material encourages students to consider controversial issues and debates. In the 2015-2016 Edition, new policy coverage, updates reflecting the Texas legislative session that ended in June 2014, and new "Texas Politics and You" features that ask students to become directly involved in current and contentious issues, often through social media, keep this book cutting edge.

Title: Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only)

Publisher: Cengage Learning


Book Condition:New

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Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only) Ebook

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Texas Politics 2015-2016 (Book Only) Read

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