Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics

Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics

Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics

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Author: Nesetril, J and P Winkler (editors)
ISBN: 9780821835517
The intersection of combinatorics and statistical physics has experienced great activity in recent years. This flurry of activity has been fertilized by an exchange not only of techniques, but also of objectives. Computer scientists interested in approximation algorithms have helped statistical physicists and discrete mathematicians overcome language problems. They have found a wealth of common ground in probabilistic combinatorics.

Close connections between percolation and random graphs, graph morphisms and hard-constraint models, and slow mixing and phase transition have led to new results and perspectives. These connections can help in understanding typical behavior of combinatorial phenomena such as graph coloring and homomorphisms.

Inspired by issues and intriguing new questions surrounding the interplay of combinatorics and statistical physics, a DIMACS/DIMATIA workshop was held at Rutgers University. These proceedings are the outgrowth of that meeting. This volume is intended for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in probabilistic graph theory and its applications.

Title: Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics

Publisher: American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI

Publication Date: 2004

Binding: Hard Cover

Book Condition:Very Good

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Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics Kindle

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Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics Ebook DOCX

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Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics DOCX

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Graphs, Morphisms and Statistical Physics Ebook EPUB

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